Getting ready to open the door and welcome customers

The first weekend of the season went off, with 1m of new snow in the week prior the Sunday / Monday delivered bluebird conditions with well groomed trails and the lifts opening up when possible.

HighNoon opened late Sunday and unfortunately Movenpick was closed Monday due to a mechanical fault – that’s been sorted quickly and is open again.


this was the view from the top of High Noon on Monday afternoon.

The house is close to ready, there is some painting to be finished – small areas to be redone and architraves getting final coats, also the floors. We originally hoped to get the floors sanded / sealed etc much earlier in the year and now it’s winter we can’t get it done – it just doesn’t work at this time of year.

So the kitchen floor is unpolished and the bathroom floor is a hodgepodge of varying surfaces which we will cover asap – just need to decide what the surface will be and who/when it will be laid.


As you can see it needs doing.


And we need to finish a few other things, silicon around the tiling and some other little things, then it’s all open for business.