The end of the season


So, the season is coming to an end as it’s been for much of the year, another weekend where the weather has been poor, while delivering snow. That’s right, the indicator for today and tomorrow is for snow, the first weekend of November – more snow!

It’s been an odd year from the start, snow early, way back in May there was a snow fall that didn’t last long but which had us hoping for a long season, we got that in the length, but not in the days on the mountain.

It felt something like a few years ago where the weather patterns had it fine Monday to Thursday, clouding up on Friday then rain and wind for the weekend, every weekend, for the entire winter.

My sons rugby season that year was less than 10 games, from a scheduled 22.

So, we head into summer, the thoughts move to what’s next? I’ve already purchased my first trout rod, well the first I’ll have owned in maybe 30 years, where’s my bike, have to locate that from whoever I loaned it to, and I need to buy a BBQ for the house, and do I need Xmas lights for that later afternoon dinner we are planning for that day?

I guess as the seasons change we just move to the next thing, the lifties and instructors have already migrated North, following the snow to Canada, France etc. and those of us left behind, we move into a new routine of later evenings, lighter days and waiting for that first snow fall in 2013.

Have a great summer folks, I’ll be loading this blog up with summer and autumn holiday options in the Ruapehu area very soon.