Christmas at RaetihiRetro

Christmas at RaetihiRetro

I wrote this on Christmas Eve 2012 and published it to one of my other blogs – error, so here it is, where it should have been

Almost the end of 2012 and while the house was purchased and set up as a winter getaway place we are also now using it through the summer escape Wellington which the last two days has been a good thing (Wellington has had a couple of days of sea fog and weird weather)

Christmas Day will have us all here, Zoe jets back in from the US, Boston, Phoenix, Chicago and Las Vegas being her last 4 weeks, Jon and Dana flying in from Melbourne then driving up with Nanny and Eve and Bryn here with me helping me set up already.

And now the prep begins for tomorrows eating;

Christmas Dinner – Menu

Cheese Board, including – – OMG Double Delight (Goat & Cow milk Brie – – Castello Danish Blue – – Kapiti Kanuka Waxed Havarti – – Puhoi Valley Rolling Pastures – triple cream brie – – Barry’s Bay Canterbury Red(Double Gloucester) – – Kapiti Cumin Seed Gouda – – along with – – Varied Fruit pastes, Dried fruits, Nuts and crackers.

Roast Spatchcocked Turkey, with sage butter
Roast Beef Tri-Tip – rubbed with mustards, sea salt, pepper and spices, then slow roasted
Butterflied leg of lamb – garlic, rosemary and thyme rubbed and slow roasted
Spuds two ways – roasted new Agrias, also baby new jerseys, steamed with mint butter alongside
Assorted Carrots, steamed whole
Asparagus (roasted with balsamic glaze)
Green salad, whatever is fresh and available locally

Nanny’s Christmas pud, with custard, cream and ice cream
Nanny’s Mince pies
Spanish style Orange ‘Creme’ Caramels with macadamia toffee drizzle
Fresh Fruits

White and Red Wines (still and fizzy) — possible sweet and reserved towards the end of the meal
Cider / Beer
Adult Soft Drinks
Punch (non – alcoholic but stimulating all the same)
Tea – (For Nanny as required)

and incidentals which may show up or not according to chef’s frame of mind, temperament and alcoholic variances.