Winter’s here (and how)

Well one big southerly blow (200km+ winds down in Wellington) and Turoa was blanketed with so much snow at one stage the problem was getting to the mountain up the access road, not if there was enough to open the field.

Opening day was clear and bright with 140cm+ snow across the lower slopes

Parklane was the only lift first thing so the queue was longish if you were slow out of bed and up the mountain, despite only leaving to drive up at 11pm Friday night and getting to RaetihiRetro at 2.35am, I was up early and on the 12th chair of the morning and straight up Giant to get one of the early runs in, open runs, great views, and then the crowds arrived. Once Movenpick was running the queues at the bottom opened up but Giant was a long wait most times.

Having had little sleep I came down early and planned a full day Sunday, unfortunately when visibility doesn’t exist the options for a fun time are slightly reduced. So rather than play all day on the mountain I accepted the conditions and headed home and then back to Wellington later in the day.

The bookings are beginning to build for the house which is both good and bad, good that we will see a financial return from it this year, bad I don’t get to use it as often as I want. never mind, mid-week access may be what I have to accept – shame.

See you on the slopes folks, ciao


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