Bright & Shiny, floors like new…..

before the furniture goes back in

The lounge floor before the furniture goes back in

From day one we always wanted to get the floors done, the Matai boards were aged and somewhat dulled through many feet across them; then we thought to do it all ourselves but talking with friends the advice was to bring in an expert (Bryan Searle – Whanganui) did the work and what work.

Warm Manuka honey and gold tones and every area just glows.

the burn mark treated well

And then all the furniture got added back in – we’d lifted the original carpet from the bedroom and had Norca Rugs in Levin edge/bind this and now it’s gracing the lounge floor instead.

Fully set up and looking great

The main bedroom now has the fuzzy rug down and the floor reflects the tapa and curtain colours – this room gets evening sun and lights up in that warmth.

main bedroom

So, it’s all come together nicely, gleaming wood and in start contrast in some places we now have to go back and redo the work that earlier we though t’good enough’ and touch up skirting boards, and door frames etc


Now the plans extend to a deck out from the French doors at the end of the   kitchen, the family keep saying ‘add a spa pool’ in which comment I only hear more work for me, but we shall see. The deck will have some level of cover, either slide down sides with a half roof, this will allow winter time use with a brazier or heating source out there, will be stunning when done


and yet there’s more……

Not far from Raetihi the famed bridge to Nowhere is a well know tourist destination, at RaetihiRetro the French Doors to Nowhere are yet to catch on with the punters.

When we have had time in summer to create the enclosed deck that will provide firm footing outside of these doors, maybe then the locals will start making a noise about the tourist value of such a destination, or maybe only those in the know will bother with a visit.

Also completed was the addition of both ‘real’ 1960’s artwork, the J H Lynch print (Woodland Goddess) is in it’s original frame and came from the antiques store at Turakina, ( )I got this as a birthday present for Zoe earlier in August, but then she chose to buy some very cool snow wear while in America so it became an anniversary gift.

The other painting is newer, painted in the ‘style of’ by Fifi Colston ( and presented to me by Zoe as a dual present, for both my recent 50th and also our 10th re-wedding anniversary, which fall on the same day.

All in all the two look very good as features on the lounge walls.