And the Spa is complete (almost)

This year has been the year (so far) of getting the deck built and the spa put into place and then setting it up to work correctly and be easy to use. So until last weekend we had much of this sorted, but not the last part.

Over the last weeks the electrician and gas guy/pumber  (it’s a gas powered unit remember) worked together; result, a permanent power source to the spa was installed.





The gas line put into place and made easy to access alongside the deck, at the bottom of the back porch stairs.






Then the heating unit was refitted, all electrical connections tested and certified.





Finally, all was in place, so when we arrived last weekend and set it all up we were very expectant of being able to set it up, get it going and enjoy a spa on Saturday evening. We flicked the main switch to on and everything burst into life, the airjets swirled, the digital readout lit up and the temperature started going up – very slowly, very very slowly.

Then it stopped. And would go no further.

A quick call to the gas guy (2.30 saturday afternoon) and remotely he toook me through a range of remedial options, bleed the gas line, check the fitting here / there etc. It seemed to work, then again we topped out at about 17 degrees, not warm at all. Saturday night spa was off. Sunday morning the gas guy rang, “I’m coming down” he said, be there about 11.30am.

He arrived, did his own testing, we checked all electrical fittings as well, strange – no power at the igniter switch – stood there scratching our heads…….then light bulb moment.

The airjets were running, not the water jets, and if there was no water running through the igniter switch, there was no ignition – the unit requires pressure there to get the spark going, so a quick push on the button on the top of the spa, air jets off, water jets on, ignition, flame = heat.

So, for all who come after us the set up is simple. If the spa is empty, fill from the hose reel fitted to the back wall of the house, fill to above the water jet nozzles, but below the mosiac line.







Attach gas bottle, turn on power, turn on main switch (the one of the right – the red one has to be in the on position as well) listen for the water jets to be running inside the pool and then the ignition kicks in and magic happens.

And, thanks to the gas guy / plumber we also have a drainage process that isn’t manual labout and involves buckets. The drain plug sits at the base of the spa, connect the hose and run the hose to the drain, then open the panel and reach inside, turn the red handle and the spa empties.

The gas guy / plumber?

Mike from Tuamaranui Plumbing, can’t say thank you, loud enough for all his efforts, he and team there are very, very good indeed. Use them if you can.


Bright & Shiny, floors like new…..

before the furniture goes back in

The lounge floor before the furniture goes back in

From day one we always wanted to get the floors done, the Matai boards were aged and somewhat dulled through many feet across them; then we thought to do it all ourselves but talking with friends the advice was to bring in an expert (Bryan Searle – Whanganui) did the work and what work.

Warm Manuka honey and gold tones and every area just glows.

the burn mark treated well

And then all the furniture got added back in – we’d lifted the original carpet from the bedroom and had Norca Rugs in Levin edge/bind this and now it’s gracing the lounge floor instead.

Fully set up and looking great

The main bedroom now has the fuzzy rug down and the floor reflects the tapa and curtain colours – this room gets evening sun and lights up in that warmth.

main bedroom

So, it’s all come together nicely, gleaming wood and in start contrast in some places we now have to go back and redo the work that earlier we though t’good enough’ and touch up skirting boards, and door frames etc


Now the plans extend to a deck out from the French doors at the end of the   kitchen, the family keep saying ‘add a spa pool’ in which comment I only hear more work for me, but we shall see. The deck will have some level of cover, either slide down sides with a half roof, this will allow winter time use with a brazier or heating source out there, will be stunning when done

It’s the little things that make the difference


So we had talked about what to do about the floor in the new bathroom, and then Zoe had a beautiful and also cheap idea.

I rang City Timber (Thorndon Quay) and asked about ply options, within 10 minutes I had ordered two sheets of Fijian Kauri to be cut into ‘planks’ – these were given a solid polyurethane coating while Zoe was at the house last week by herself and then she cut and laid the floor as you can see.

A final sanding and poly coat before we left last weekend and it’s all done, smart, durable and warm under foot. Oh and the cost?

$210 for the ply and $42 for the polyurethane + Zoe’s labour costs which were red wine and being fed when I was there for the weekend.

Getting ready to open the door and welcome customers

The first weekend of the season went off, with 1m of new snow in the week prior the Sunday / Monday delivered bluebird conditions with well groomed trails and the lifts opening up when possible.

HighNoon opened late Sunday and unfortunately Movenpick was closed Monday due to a mechanical fault – that’s been sorted quickly and is open again.


this was the view from the top of High Noon on Monday afternoon.

The house is close to ready, there is some painting to be finished – small areas to be redone and architraves getting final coats, also the floors. We originally hoped to get the floors sanded / sealed etc much earlier in the year and now it’s winter we can’t get it done – it just doesn’t work at this time of year.

So the kitchen floor is unpolished and the bathroom floor is a hodgepodge of varying surfaces which we will cover asap – just need to decide what the surface will be and who/when it will be laid.


As you can see it needs doing.


And we need to finish a few other things, silicon around the tiling and some other little things, then it’s all open for business.