From huckery to elegant

So, some of you will have seen the recent updates about the new deck being in place and stained etc, Zoe’s immediate comment was that the house now looked ‘huckery’ – which led to a flurry of explanations to our overseas friends on the providence of that term in Kiwi slang.


So, there has been much conjecture and conversation around possible colour combinations – much of this online through Zoe’s FB page and the final options were only chosen in the carpark of Resene, Whanganui last Friday.


I had a almost full day call on Saturday so Zoe first purchased a new water-blaster (told me the old one had no oomph) and then took the back wall of the house on (in the rain most of the time) with an immense grin on her face. Sunday, we got a first coat on that wall and Zoe couldn’t resist adding the orange just to see what the overall effect will be.

There’s a heap of cutting in and a second coat for this wall, I’ve got the water-blasting to do on the other three sides, a local builder to come and manage some minor repairs to eaves and fascia and of course the spa to be moved into place, fenced and the gas guy to come to refit the hoses etc before it’s back up and running.


By the way, our lovely friend Fifi, did the render of what our initial colours could look like -Zoe pulled the two images together and they match!


More images and details to come as the summer slowly begins it’s wind down into Autumn, but winters still a while away, so if you’re keen on getting some walking in, some cycling (the local companies do a stunning job getting to to and from the start / end points of some of the best riding in the region) let me know and come and experience RaetihiRetro for yourself.


and yet there’s more……

Not far from Raetihi the famed bridge to Nowhere is a well know tourist destination, at RaetihiRetro the French Doors to Nowhere are yet to catch on with the punters.

When we have had time in summer to create the enclosed deck that will provide firm footing outside of these doors, maybe then the locals will start making a noise about the tourist value of such a destination, or maybe only those in the know will bother with a visit.

Also completed was the addition of both ‘real’ 1960’s artwork, the J H Lynch print (Woodland Goddess) is in it’s original frame and came from the antiques store at Turakina, ( )I got this as a birthday present for Zoe earlier in August, but then she chose to buy some very cool snow wear while in America so it became an anniversary gift.

The other painting is newer, painted in the ‘style of’ by Fifi Colston ( and presented to me by Zoe as a dual present, for both my recent 50th and also our 10th re-wedding anniversary, which fall on the same day.

All in all the two look very good as features on the lounge walls.